Do you want to know how to better support the teens in our community?

Are you interested in having a therapist present to your students, parents, or teachers?

Do you want a fun, interactive training?

We can help!

Our Community Education Program provides interactive trainings on a variety of topics, and we customize the training to fit each audience’s interest, level of expertise, and environment. We provide an avenue for the adults who support teens to:

  • Learn more about teen mental health and common challenges teens face
  • Develop effective and practical strategies to support teens
  • Gain helpful resources


We offer three free 20-minute presentations:

  • 5 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Teens - Learn practical skills to apply in your communication with teens, that can foster open communication and minimize conflict.
  • Mindfulness 101 - What is mindfulness? Why is it helpful and how can it be implemented in everyday life?
  • Enhancing Teens’ Self-Esteem - Learn ways to help the teens in your life feel confident and valued.


Here are some examples of past presentations we have given:

  • Teenage Mental Health & The Classroom - A four hour presentation (2 days) on the most common teenage mental health challenges and strategies for teachers to support those teens in reaching their full potential.
  • Workshop for Parents of Anxious Teens - A six hour presentation (3 days) where parents learn how/why teens experience anxiety and how they can support their teens in managing anxiety.
  • Teen Drug & Alcohol Use - A two hour presentation on commonly used drugs, signs of drug use, and how to address drug and alcohol use.
  • Teen Suicide – An hour presentation on about teen suicide risk factors, warning signs, and how we can support our teens.


If you would like more information about the presentations offered or would like to inquire about creating an individualized training for your school, parent group, or team, please contact us at 408.389.3538.

community education program
community education program